Tuesday, September 14, 2021



           Auch de Liber !!!  

September and October marks a great time of the year in the desert. The temperatures are going down - and that signals an amazing time in Tucson ! What better way to celebrate this festive time of the year than with a delicious Oktoberfest event ?

Luckily, Creative Catering can provide a delicious Oktoberfest menu to your home, office or venue of your choice !

The most popular choice for catering has always been a buffet. It allows for flexibility and guests love it. While you and your guests are enjoying being together again - planning an Oktoberfest event is a perfect way to do do just that, and we have customized menus that will certainly fit your needs.

Below are some great menu ideas to make sure you don’t forget a thing for your Oktoberfest party !



Hot Dogs

German Sausage


Roasted Pork Loin with Apple

Baked Chicken

German Potato Salad

Large Pretzels or Pretzel Bites

Black Forest Cake

Apple Strudel

Apple Pie

Mini Jello Shots

 You might think that these are little beers for your Oktoberfest event –

but they are really Apricot jello shooters with apricot cream on top 😊

And...don't forget:






German Dancers/Music

German or Fall Decor

Beer & Keg Service

Import German Beer

Wine & Liquor

Be a guest at your own party and call Creative Catering at 520.690.0146

or email us at info@tucsoncreativecatering.com

Mention you saw our blog and well take care of you and your guests with free apple pie !!!

(Offer expires on October 30th, 2021)

Monday, May 3, 2021

 Busy....busy....busy !!!

It's been a crazy couple of years - but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - and Creative Catering is beginning to see "life after a pandemic" !!!

We were honored to provide our creativity to this special event on April 30, 2021

And this rehearsal Dinner on March 16, 2021

So - even though it's been a tough couple years - we have survived and can't wait to see what 2021 will bring !!!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hot Time In the Summer Sun April 2018

So - it's almost here ....Summer in Tucson !
That's okay - living here for the past 39 years, we've acclimated ourselves to the fact that you get up early to enjoy the moderate temperatures, stay inside during the heat of the day and catch up on those projects you've put aside when the             weather was oh so - perfect you HAD to be outside !!!

BUT - if YOU have been delegated to plan that company picnic or family reunion - give us a call - we can take the stress out of the mess of you trying to plan it all by yourself - and you won't be in the "Hot Seat" ! 520.690.0146

Planning a company picnic or family reunion  ?  Let us help !!!
Call Creative Catering at 520.690.0146 and we'll help you plan all the details you don't have time to do !!

Check our the video below - that's how easy it can be for YOU - but...do NOT wait till it gets to hot ... just sayn'

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas.....

Well..."Tis The Season" is just about upon us all...and in fact - we had the pleasure to join with "Gather A Vintage Market" (http://www.gathervintagemarket.com/  A most spectacular vintage store at 657 W. St. Mary's in Tucson) last week to help bring in the Holidays with their Silverbells Theme !  I know it seems a little early to be planning for Christmas - but we are ALL in the spirit around here now !

We collabarated with them and brought in some samples for their clients to try.  Needless to say - we had a blast doing it ...and we met so many amazing people - including of course - all the staff at Gather A Vintage Market...we felt like we were just hanging out with all our buddies..

Some of the items we served were: a prickly pear, pineapple glazed ham that we served on cocktail rolls and mini croissants - and to accompany that - we served our home grown butternut squash in mini martini glasses, with lots of toppings to embelish that squash.  The toppings included maple butter, brown sugar, crumbled bacon, cayenne, nutmeg, cinnamon sugar and chopped pecans.  We also served a couple varieties of our baked brie in puff pastry - one which was kahula, pecans and brown sugar, and the other one had diced apples, reduced apple cider and cinnamon sugar.  Both of them were very well received I might add...but then again - what is not to like about baked brie ?  We had feta and spinach puff pastry roll ups, an antipasto rosemary wreath and what would samplings be without an assortment of mini desserts and tea cakes ?  
Everyone seemed to enjoy all the tid bits - and I have to say - we ate our share of them as well !

And - but of course - when we're busy doing fun things - we're also working hard at other locations.  We have been catering for a film shoot down in Mescal for the past 2 weeks...feeding lots of hungry people working out in the sunny Arizona skies all day, and providing lunches to some VIP's at an undisclosed location..can't tell you who - but can tell you they have had some amazing lunches...(so glad I get to be the taste tester around here !)

Of course - as I mentioned earlier, it is indeed looking alot like Christmas around here - and we have been busy little elves putting together some amazing menus and decor for Employee Holiday parties coming up next month..the only other thing I would like to say about that is....if you are in the planning stages for a Holiday event, we still have some dates available - mostly during the week..so don't delay any longer - please call us at 520.690.0146, to find out if we can still accomodate your needs.

And last but not least - we want to Thank all the Veterans out there today on Veterans Day ... to our men and women in uniform..past, present and future...may God Bless you !!!

Honoring Veterans, Past, Present and Future!  Thanks you for your faithful service!

Creative Catering Corporation

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feburary, 2014...THAT WAS THE MONTH THAT WAS...

We have had a crazy busy year so far...and it's been a blast !!!  

January started out with a bang - and we got to travel "out of town" for a special event in Benson, Az. for a medical group of 300 guests.  It's always nice when our clients need our services somewhere else ...and we are able to accomodate their needs !!  

We rolled right into a very special new church dedication where we had the pleasure of serving Bishop Kicanas and his special guests at St. Marks Catholic Church at sit down plate served dinner.  What a kind a gracious group of folks these people where !!

Next up was a photo shoot that was crazy fun !!  The first day we served them at Redington Pass..which for those of you that are familar with this place, know - there is absolutely nothing but Arizona blue skies, dirt roads and cactus.  That didn't stop us from putting on the Ritz...and we fed breakfast and lunch to a bunch of Happy Campers - er -uh...photo shooters....  The next day took us to an amazing home where we were able to serve theses same folks a made to order Waffle with all the fixins - and talk about GORGEOUS VIEWS !!!  OMGosh - all we can say is - We Love Our Jobs !!!

Then....in February - all we can say is THAT WAS THE MONTH THAT WAS !!!!
Costa Rica and Fieasta Beach Parties were in the air as we assisted Dunn & Bradstreet with their "Reveal" event (sending 10 lucky employees to Costa Rica !!!), 

and their menu was comprised of pure Costa Rican culinary temptations, such as:
The Pura Vida Station:  (Pura vida means "pure life," but more than anything, it's a way of life. This phrase symbolizes the Costa Rican idea of letting things go, and simply enjoying life.).  This station featured a Tantalizing selection of Pork Tenderloin Skewers with Costa Rican Glaze and Mini Tamales wrapped in Banana leaves
The Que camote Station :  (Que camote means - what a yam: this saying is used for everything related to craziness. Example: Ese mae esta camote (That guy is crazy).    This Station had Authentic Fried Yucca that was served on small plates....and just FYI - if you have never had this - you SHOULD - 

The Tome Chichi! Station:  (tome chichi! (toe-may chee-chee) Though this phrase has no direct translation, it's essentially a teasing form of "take that!")    had Petite Portions of Ceviche Served with Tortilla Triangle Chips.

And last but not least - The Ser chineado/a Station: (Ser chineado/a  means to be spoiled)    where we served Tres Leche Cake Shots and Arroz Con Leche Shots.

And...you are just going to have to wait for the next time to see the Fiesta Beach Party, The Tres Chic' Hors d'oeurves party and the Movie shoot we did - cause - I have run out of time for now...so...
To Be Continued....